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4 PR (Public Relations or Press Relations) Platform to Grow Your Brand 2023

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Regardless of their specialization, the media and journalists have significant power, and promoting a brand among them amounts to implementing a press relations (PR) strategy.

Is the presence on social networks and visibility with the media a significant asset when it comes to publicizing a brand or a project? No need to raise your hand to answer this; it’s obviously a rhetorical question to give some pep…

These platforms are like digital megaphones for your brand, amplifying your message to the people who matter. But hold up, it’s not just a one-size-fits-all situation.

The struggle is real – you need to get your brand noticed, but traditional PR can feel like navigating a maze blindfolded. Expensive agencies, endless emails, and the constant question: “Did anyone even see this press release I spent hours crafting?”

Enter the game-changer: PR platforms.

We explain to you in more detail what this consists of, and we give you our selection of the best in terms of PR software or platform out there on the market. Let’s go !

What these platforms do offer is a smarter, more efficient way to get your name out there.

Consider a similar situation: imagine you created a music compilation with innovative sounds and lyrics. While confident in its quality, you might hesitate to promote it widely on your own. A PR platform can act as your distribution team, reaching a targeted audience that appreciates your unique style.

These platforms take the guesswork out of PR. They help you target journalists and influencers who are actually interested in your story, not some random dude writing about cat memes. Plus, they streamline the entire process. No more endless email chains or lost press releases – everything’s organized in one place, like a DJ booth with all your best tracks queued up and ready to drop.

Here’s the real kicker: these platforms ain’t just for the big boys. They cater to us hustlers too. Remember that local barber who cuts fresh fades and suddenly everyone’s rocking his style? That’s the power of PR. He probably used a platform to get featured on a barber blog, and boom – instant street credibilty.

Why take care of your press relations?

To understand why it is better to have them in place, you must already have a clear vision of what these famous public relations are. 

The acronym “ PR ” is used all over the place by communicators, both to designate public relations and press relations… Even though these are two different practices! 

Where the terms public relations refer to an overall strategy for promoting a brand to the public, press relations are only one component of this public relations strategy. 

We talk about press relations because this component consists of promoting a company, its brands, products and/or services to journalists, by building a relationship of trust with them. 

We insist on this notion of a relationship of trust, because it is very important in this area: the objective is that they remember your company on special occasions (event, launch of a new product , etc.), but also the rest of the time .

If you have a cosmetics brand, beauty journalists need to include your products in their selection of Christmas gifts, then in their special article “ Pampering your mum for Mother’s Day ”, then in their back-to-school file on day creams, etc… 

In short, thinking about your brand must become a reflex on various occasions. And it is possible, but it requires work, organization and above all a good PR tool.

Setting up a PR strategy, instructions for use

You have probably already observed this phenomenon: at certain times, we hear about the same newcomer to the rank of startups in all the media… And it’s not by chance, it’s the result of a successful PR work.

Having an effective management of press relations means activating a certain number of levers. Here is our advice for a good PR strategy: 

  • Clearly identify your targets , by choosing journalists likely to be interested in company news, products and/or services that you offer.
  • Deepen relationships with them. Sending a text message to a journalist you know well – by dint of meeting him on various occasions, hence the interest of working on your network – to ask him if he has received such and such an email, this is a must.
  • Ensure visibility all year round by alternating communications on “ hot ” current topics (we are talking about the launch of a new product/service here) with those on “ cold” topics ” (a reminder of the offer).
  • Send the right messages at the right times, following the calendar to exploit the “ chestnut trees ” – the recurring topics like back to school, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, etc. ;
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the journalist by writing articles or clear press releases, on which the important information is identified: What is the subject? If we are talking about a product, how is it different from others?, etc. ;
  • Never let go of the matter, without first burying journalists under follow-up emails . We agree, the balance is difficult to find… And this is where we are happy to have in-depth relations with certain journalists;
  • And last but not the least, having the right PR software to facilitate day-to-day work. 

PR Software: Why It’s Useful 

There is a software for all uses and in all situations. Press relations are no exception: to ensure efficient and not too time-consuming management, it is better to be equipped with press relations platforms or software with the right functionalities.

Keep in mind that the right PR tool makes the actions mentioned below more fluid or seamless: 

  • Access to a media database , which is essential for any online press relations tool. Please note: when choosing your PR software, make sure that this list complies with the GDPR regulations;
  • A solution for sending press releases and press kits, media kits, invitations, newsletters, etc. In order to distribute information to a targeted but wide audience ;
  • A media monitoring tool, in order to monitor press coverage on a daily basis and to be able to monitor the strategy as precisely as possible.
  • One or more modules dedicated to digital communication, in order to distribute advertising content (press relations and advertising are two very different things, but some PR software offers both );
  • Or even an alert system when the draft articles put online by journalists match the subjects dealt with or the problems solved by a company.


We do not say that ALL software offers ALL these features. On the other hand, you have here an overview of what is being done on the market, and a demonstration of the usefulness of an online public relations tool, whatever its functioning. 

Our selection of the 4 best PR tools to test

It’s time to show you our selection of the best PR tools to test in 2023… Here is the list : 

1. PressValue

pressvalue platform

PressValue offers a slightly different approach. This PR tool is presented as a platform intended to connect companies with journalists. 

Each time a member of an editorial team posts a draft article related to your company’s core business, you receive an alert by email with the possibility of pitching your activity to the journalist. 

An operation that allows you to extend your media coverage in a very concrete way, but which sets aside the more traditional features of public relations software… It’s up to you to see if it suits you better!

 2. Cision

 Cision claims to be a “ partner of communicators ”. A broad definition for an online press relations tool with many features, which make it very versatile . 

From the PR solution to the media monitoring tool through the communication and digital marketing component, the software has all the assets for the implementation of an effective PR strategy . 


HARO PR tool

If you are looking for a PR tool that connects journalists and companies, you have certainly heard of HARO (Help a reporter out). 

This software from the Cision group allows your company to be a source for articles and/or reports from journalists and bloggers.

Consider if you want to appear on US or UK media, such as Time , New York Times or ABC TV . 

4. Meltwater

Optimizing your digital strategy and your marketing performance is the objective proclaimed by the Norwegian group Meltwater. On the menu, a series of solutions for different subjects. 

Included is press relations software of course, but also modules for social media management, influence marketing and brand management. Ideal if you are looking for an all-in-one platform for all your visibility issues . 

Closing Thought

Now, don’t get me wrong, you still got to have a compelling brand story, the kind that hooks people in like a killer opening track. But a PR platform helps you share that story with the right crowd. Think of it as the hype man who gets the audience pumped before your main act.

So, if your brand’s feeling a little invisible, don’t despair. Check out a PR platform. It could be the missing piece that takes your hustle from a local gig to a sold-out stadium. Just remember, stay true to your brand’s essence, and let the platform handle the heavy lifting of getting you heard. The world needs your unique flavor.

Here you are, you now have all the cards in hand to set up a PR strategy by choosing the right online public relations software…

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